Posted by: Daniel Comstock | November 10, 2006

Democrats win Election Day (Kind Of)

Wow. What an election day. The democrats took control of the senate. This is what should of happened a long time ago and we finally have a women to represent. That is so awesome. In my town one of my friends won city council. He is now the president of that and it is pretty cool. But the govanator had to win. I wanted Phil Angeldes to won because he really had an education under his belt insted of this movie star Arnold is. Oh well the democrats win. Yippy

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Today as all of you probably know it is Halloween! I love this holiday. Candy Candy and mo’ candy.  Today at my school we are having the band (that includes me) are play for the hole school and we are playing creepy songs that are off the hizzie. It’s pretty cool. We anyways happy Halloween and be safe tonight.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | October 30, 2006

The Baseball Tournament

Wow! What a weekend I had. I had two games Saturday. My first game was a 10:10 in the morning. My friend Nick pictched great. He pitched 5 innings of shut-out ball. Then Tyler came into close out the last two innings. So we won the first game 7-1. Our next game I had to pitch and I was nervous. This was a really good team but I came in to throw 5 innings of shut-out ball also. We won that game as well and now we got the number one seed for Sunday. Our game was a 10:15 but now we had an extra hour to sleep becuase it was day-light savings. So now we got to throw one of our aces. He threw a good 4 innings.  In the fifth innig the team that played us rallied back to tie us 7-7.  Now i am going to make a long story short. The game went 11 innings and we ended up losing 8-7. It was really bad but the team is going to get back together in the January to play more tournaments.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | October 27, 2006

My Last Baseball Tournament

Hey everyone. This weekend I have a baseball tournament in Sunnyvale. This unfortunately is my last tournament. We won our last tournament so now we are a major team. This is pretty cool but my dad is calling me. Wish me luck. I will be back Sunday.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | October 21, 2006

The (RED) Campaign

Wow. This is really sad. I got this from my history teacher. I have a very special bond with her and I want all of you to hear about this. Than after you read this e-mail this to everyone you know to raise awarness into the world and help these kids.

A Few Words From Bono

Posted by Virginia  

12:00 PM Oct 13, 2006

As Product (RED) launches in America, opening a new front in the war against AIDS, a few words from Bono:

“Sometimes when I’m walking down the street a passer by will say “love your work on Africa Bono, great cause.” Sometimes, they wish they hadn’t. As I’m Irish, I love to talk to strangers. I love to talk about Africa. It can be hard to get away. . . Each time it makes me think we need to do much more to get the message across that this is not a ’cause,’ this pandemic that we and so many others are working on. 5,500 Africans dying a day of AIDS, a preventable, treatable disease is not a cause. 5,500 Africans dying each day is an emergency.

Enter Product (RED). Red is a new idea we’re launching to work alongside the growing ONE Campaign to Make Poverty History. Over the past year, almost 2 million Americans have joined ONE, in churches and chatrooms. . .on soccer pitches and movie sets. . .at NASCAR races and rock concerts. By 2008, we’re aiming to have 5 million members – that’s more than the National Rifle Association. Just think for a moment of what that kind of political firepower could achieve for the poorest of the poor. . .

Where ONE takes on the bigger, longer-term beast of changing policy and influencing government, (RED) is, I guess, about a more instant kind of gratification. If you buy a (RED) product from GAP, Motorola, Armani, Converse or Apple, they will give up to 50% of their profit to buy AIDS drugs for mothers and children in Africa. (RED) is the consumer battalion gathering in the shopping malls. You buy the jeans, phones, iPods, shoes, sunglasses, and someone – somebody’s mother, father, daughter or son – will live instead of dying in the poorest part of the world. It’s a different kind of fashion statement.

You might think (RED) sounds too simple. But AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Just two pills a day will bring someone who is at death’s door back to full health, back to a full life. Doctors call it ‘the Lazarus effect’. I’ve seen it myself and I have to say that it’s nothing short of a miracle. These pills are available at any corner drugstore. They cost less than a dollar a day, but the poorest people in Africa earn less than a dollar a day. They can’t afford them, and so they die. It’s unnecessary. It’s insane.

You might think it’s too difficult to get these drugs to the people who most need them. A couple of years ago when DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) lobbied President Bush, Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac to do more on AIDS we went to experts about this. From Bill and Melinda Gates, to Dr Paul Farmer working in the poorest places on the earth, to Dr Coutinho in his AIDS clinic in Uganda. Is it easy? No. Is it impossible? No. Can we do it? Absolutely. In 2001, there were 50,000 Africans taking ARVs. Now there are over one million people getting these life saving drugs thanks to President Bush’s AIDS initiative, and thanks to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

There are though still 4.3 million Africans without drugs, which is why 100% of (RED) money is going directly to the Global Fund to support the work they are doing. (RED) uses the power in your pocket to keep people alive. ONE uses the power of your voice to create a more just world where people can earn their own way out of poverty. This means tackling more than AIDS. It means fighting corruption. Insisting on good governance. Getting kids in school. Changing trade rules. Getting businesses to invest in Africa. Myself and Ali started a company called Edun – a fashion line that makes clothes in Africa – because so many Africans we met said what they wanted more than anything was a job.

All of this is ganging up on the same problem – the greatest health crisis in human history and the extreme poverty in which it thrives. The Number 1 question we get asked is, what can I do to help? From today, you can do one more thing than you could do yesterday. Shop (RED). And if you haven’t already, join the One campaign at

As I said, this is an emergency. And in these dangerous times, how we in the West respond is an opportunity to show what we stand for, as well as what we stand against. If we’re successful, we will not only transform millions of people’s lives, we’ll transform the way these people see us … and in turn, the world in which we live.”
For more information on the campaigns Bono mentioned:
Product (RED), founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to engage consumers and the private sector with its marketing prowess and funds in the fight against AIDS. Money raised from (RED) Products goes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Products Manifest The Global Fund YOU News Get Registered Embrace RED

Now you know why I posted this. Bono is doing a great thing and we need to help these people. Now remember e-mail this to everyone you know and make sure the e-mail it to everyone they know and so on. This is a great cause and help Bono do whatever he needds to do.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | October 16, 2006

My Weekend In Redding

This weekend as you probably know I wasn’t here because I had a baseball tournament. IT was really fun. We got …. in the tournament. Hehe. read the rest of the post and you will find ouot what happens. So after school on Friday we left for Redding. On the way we stopped at this one place in Willams called Granzellas. After that we headed up to Redding which was another hour and a half. Our first game of the tournament was at 12:30 P.M. The first inning right off the bat we were losing. 7-0. Very ugly. Our team came back and tied it at 7-7 in the seventh inning. I came up to bat with the bases loaded and I struck out. I was really mad but THe next person came up to bat and got the game winnig base hit. So I was reedemed. The second game I ihad to pitch. I got into the seventh inning and I had pitched a perfect game with 16 strike outs. I struck out the next two hitters. I was one out away from pitching a perfect game. The next guy come up and hits a gapper and it looks like it is about to fall in for a basehitand out of nowhere one of my teammates comes around dives and makes the catch. A perfect game I pitched. It was awesome. So we had to wait to see if we were the number one seed and we were. So our first game on Sunday wasnt ’til 2:30 P.M. We played the team that we won the first game and I could tell they wanted revenge.  We threw our ace pitcher and we ended up winning the game 8-1 and now were were in the championship game. We threw another one of our ace pitchers and he threw a perfect game just like I did and we won the game 5-0. It was really awesome. I made the last out. So it was awesome to win out first tournament. Scott Mayer got the MVP for the tournament. It was really awesome. He hit really well and only got out once. So here we go again. @ weeks from now we have another tournament. And how about thos Detroit Tigers. Good luck to them in the World Seris. And in school I got a 4.0 for the first grading period. I got a big hug and congratulations from my family. So I am happy to be back. See you later.  

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | October 12, 2006

10,000 Hits

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I have 10,000 hits. Yay! 🙂

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | October 1, 2006

My Baseball Tournament

What’s up guys. I’m having a tournament in Martienez today and yesterday the team won two games. It was awesome. We are in the semi-finals and my first game is a 10:30. That is a pool play game but my team knows that we’re in the semi-finals. Our last tournament we got second place and we did pretty well and I hope we can do an even better first place. Wish me luck I will be back this afternoon. 

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | September 24, 2006

I’m thirteen!, But Not The Best Of Birthdays

Today is my birthday. I’m really excited because I am turning thirteen. Nwo you all are probably thinking, “Why is it not the best of birthdays. Your a teen now.” My mom is back in the hospital in San Francisco. I’m really scared because this is her sencond time back in the hospital. So I hope she gets bettter soon to see one of my baseball tournaments. I want her to be ok and if that means giving up a birthday I will. I will have plenty more birthdays, but I won’t have anymore moms. (Or at least I hope not.) So happy birthday to me and thank you all for the support.   

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | September 23, 2006

My Brother’s New Blog

My brother just got a new blog today and I really wanted to emphisize that because he was the writer of one of my best posts. Anyway if you would like to check that out just go to Enjoy everyone.

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