Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 5, 2009

This is my Last Blog Post… Ever

Hey everyone. I would just like to inform you that my blogging carrer is over. I have so much going on and I do not have time anymore to continue posting. I hope that you can understand and realize that I have more important things going on. I am going to miss everyone that I have been involved with while I was blogging.



  1. I know this says that you are finished with your blog, but, God willing, you’ll get this post and respond. I am working on gathering sources for my thesis (MA in Theology) on the Devotion to the Hidden Life of Jesus. You have two posts which quote Henri Nouwen talking about the Hidden Life of Jesus, and I was wondering where the quotes are from.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I am sorry to see you go, but I totally understand. I hope you have a wonderful summer and even more than that, a wonderful life. I may shoot you an e-mail from time to time to see how you are doing.

    Your friend,

    Carol Connell

  3. Of course, I understand. Knowing you has made my life better, Daniel. All the best in everything you do. Love, Helen

  4. William, The Henri Nouwen quotes are from the devotional “Bread For the Journey” They are sent out daily from

  5. oh. my. god. dan, i had no idea you still posted and this brings back way too many memories to count, really and truly. i was just looking at anthonys old blog for the first time in about 4 years and saw yours and here i am

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