Posted by: Daniel Comstock | November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s finally here. The one day that you can be thankful for everything everyone or you did for yourself. I am really happy this day came. My mom is the best cook on earth and does everything absolutley perfect.  Anyways have fun eating and be thankful, watch the parade, watch football, (woo hoo) and have fun with your families.  



  1. Happy 😆 Thanksgiving 😆 Dan! 😆

    Have fun!!

  2. u too jen

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I hope you are still full after yesterdays’ feast.

  4. Dan (It’s all right to call you that, right?):

    Good post. I have a little bone to pick with you though. UH, it was MY GRANDMOTHER who was the best cook EVER, but I’m sure your mom’s a close runner-up. HAW! Hope your T-giving was great. Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond. You responded to my blog a while back.

  5. u too thanks for stopping by

  6. Daniel,

    Will you be posting again soon? Are you excited about Christmas? Hope you’re doing well.


  7. i dont know about posting soon but i am able to comment people so if u wanna tlak just comment or email me

  8. Does your mom bake a lot for Christmas? I go crazy making all kinds of Christmas cookies.

  9. she usually does but not this year shes still not feelin 100% yet so we will c

  10. Hi, Daniel. Hope your mom is soon feeling perfectly well. Miss your posts.

    Joy and blessings.

    Shirley Buxton

  11. shell be fine she has some rily good days and rily bad days so we r waiting to be all good days hopefully sooner or later

  12. Hey Daniel,

    Check out some of the cookie pictures on my blog. What do you think of the one Jen did? She’s really creative with cookie decorating. Hope you don’t drool on the keyboard when you see the cookies. LOL


  13. hey, daniel! long time, no hear…I know you’re busy, between helping your mama, school, and Christmas coming. I just wanted to say hey, and I miss you. I hope your mama’s feeling better.

  14. Daniel…this will probably be the 50 millionth time I’ve told you this….but I’m a little BORED….

  15. I MISS YOU. Hope all is well. Please drop by my site and just say Hi! if it’s all right with your parents.


  16. ya its fine they just dont want me to be on the comp much

  17. I enjoy your blog

    Hi, good post. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

  18. The one day that you can be thankful for everything everyone or you did for yourself.

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