Posted by: Daniel Comstock | November 10, 2006

Democrats win Election Day (Kind Of)

Wow. What an election day. The democrats took control of the senate. This is what should of happened a long time ago and we finally have a women to represent. That is so awesome. In my town one of my friends won city council. He is now the president of that and it is pretty cool. But the govanator had to win. I wanted Phil Angeldes to won because he really had an education under his belt insted of this movie star Arnold is. Oh well the democrats win. Yippy



  1. Arnold is a de facto Democrat now. He’s also got more political talent in his pinky than Angeldes has in his entire body. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but I’m sure it’s true.

  2. c im good

  3. Hi Daniel, It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

  4. ya i no now that there are different people in the house it will be different so bush wont have to make the stupid decions any more

  5. Hey Dan, look at my new smiley!! 😆 OOOOH!! SKills…haha

  6. Hey Daniel,

    How’s school going? Are you ready to stuff yourself with turkey and a bunch of other food on Thanksgiving?

  7. hey jen kewl smiley and carol my mom makes the best thanksgiving turkey and pumpkinm pie ever and she only does this once a year so i am so excited do u cook for ur famila

  8. I cook, but I’m not making the turkey this year. My older sister is bringing the turkey and stuffing to my house. I’m making lasagna, mashed potatoes, french bread and sour cream apple pie. Jen will be doing a little bit of cooking too. We’re going to have a house full of people for Thanksgiving. It will be fun!

  9. thats good hope u have fun

  10. I’m bored…

  11. me too get an aim lol

  12. me too get an aim lol

  13. Happy Thanksgiving, Daniel.

  14. u too helen what do u do for thanksgiving.

  15. Hey, Daniel. I haven’t heard much from you lately; suspect you may be busy with school and such. Hope all is well with you, and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving, Daniel. I hope you enjoy your mom’s good cooking.


  17. Daniel, I hope you and your family have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!!

  18. hey thanks guys. ya shiurley i have been very busy. i just got my report card and i went down to a C in one class (Gasp) well anyways all of you have a great turkey day.

  19. Election day was on my birthday this yeah

  20. kewlio

  21. Dan:
    I know you’ll probably be disappointed but, I LIKE ARNOLD. I think he’s been pretty good for CA, and I think maybe this election was based more on emotion than facts. I can be a pretty emotional person, but I try not to let that solely dominate my thinking. We’ll see what happens now.

  22. ya hopefully we get the tropps out of iraq

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