Posted by: Daniel Comstock | October 16, 2006

My Weekend In Redding

This weekend as you probably know I wasn’t here because I had a baseball tournament. IT was really fun. We got …. in the tournament. Hehe. read the rest of the post and you will find ouot what happens. So after school on Friday we left for Redding. On the way we stopped at this one place in Willams called Granzellas. After that we headed up to Redding which was another hour and a half. Our first game of the tournament was at 12:30 P.M. The first inning right off the bat we were losing. 7-0. Very ugly. Our team came back and tied it at 7-7 in the seventh inning. I came up to bat with the bases loaded and I struck out. I was really mad but THe next person came up to bat and got the game winnig base hit. So I was reedemed. The second game I ihad to pitch. I got into the seventh inning and I had pitched a perfect game with 16 strike outs. I struck out the next two hitters. I was one out away from pitching a perfect game. The next guy come up and hits a gapper and it looks like it is about to fall in for a basehitand out of nowhere one of my teammates comes around dives and makes the catch. A perfect game I pitched. It was awesome. So we had to wait to see if we were the number one seed and we were. So our first game on Sunday wasnt ’til 2:30 P.M. We played the team that we won the first game and I could tell they wanted revenge.  We threw our ace pitcher and we ended up winning the game 8-1 and now were were in the championship game. We threw another one of our ace pitchers and he threw a perfect game just like I did and we won the game 5-0. It was really awesome. I made the last out. So it was awesome to win out first tournament. Scott Mayer got the MVP for the tournament. It was really awesome. He hit really well and only got out once. So here we go again. @ weeks from now we have another tournament. And how about thos Detroit Tigers. Good luck to them in the World Seris. And in school I got a 4.0 for the first grading period. I got a big hug and congratulations from my family. So I am happy to be back. See you later.  



  1. Way to go, Dan!!! You sound like a good pitcher! I hope you keep winning.

  2. Congratulations, Daniel. Glad everything went so well for you. It’s nice to experience the “thrill of victory.”


  3. Congratulations on the perfect game and the 4.0! Way to go, Daniel!

  4. thanks everyone we have one more tourny and we will go for the championshiop there

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