Posted by: Daniel Comstock | October 1, 2006

My Baseball Tournament

What’s up guys. I’m having a tournament in Martienez today and yesterday the team won two games. It was awesome. We are in the semi-finals and my first game is a 10:30. That is a pool play game but my team knows that we’re in the semi-finals. Our last tournament we got second place and we did pretty well and I hope we can do an even better first place. Wish me luck I will be back this afternoon.Ā 



  1. Hi Daniel. Good luck. Hope your team does well. Hope your Mom’s better by now, too.

  2. my mum is doing much better. we got third place, but we were playing really good teams and it was 4th out of 100. u shud see these fields they r so awesome and there r like 20 of them. so we did really well.

  3. Hey that’s great your Mom is doing better! Prayer works!! And it’s good you guys played well. Keep it up! šŸ˜€

  4. my mum is comin home tommorow it is kewl

  5. Yayy!! That’s great!!

  6. MOO…I’m tired…lol

  7. Hi Daniel,

    Glad you played well, and I’m glad to hear your mom is doing better. How is school going for you? I hope you like your classes.


  8. my mum is home i am so happy

  9. YAY! Thank God!

  10. Hello, Daniel. I miss you. Are you well? Is your Mom well?

  11. yeah thank god and yeah everyone is doing well

  12. Hey when are you going to make another post??

  13. Hey Daniel,

    Will you be posting again soon?

    Jen’s pesty mother šŸ™‚

  14. Mom why are you copying me??? I JUST asked him that…lol

  15. lol u guys r so funny anyway this weekend i have a tournament in redding

  16. Oh cool!! I hope you guys do good. How many more do you have? Or should I just wait until your post? lol

  17. I’m jealous, Daniel. You now have more hits than I do.

  18. jen wait for another post and wow i hav 10000 hits awesome

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