Posted by: Daniel Comstock | September 15, 2006

Another Baseball Tournament

Hey everyone. Hope you are having blessed lives. Just to let you know I will not be here this weekend. I will be up in Redding for another baseball tournament.  Hope you guys have fun this weekend and I will tell you all about it.



  1. Hi Daniel. Hope your team wins this one. Have fun!

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Ditto to what Helen said!

  3. Hope you win! Come back and catch up on my blog…HAHAH! 😀 But for real, have fun.

  4. hey guys we r going for he championshp today

  5. Hi, Daniel. Just over here at your blog catching up on what’s been going on with you. Sorry about your mom’s problem, but glad she is home and doing well.

    I’m eager to hear about your baseball. Surely you are a champion…I know you are in my mind.



  6. well in this tournament we got beat bad. but we got second place and we played a team that was real good. we got beat 16-3 but we got second place and now we r goin for first

  7. That’s real cool you got second place…go for first!! 😀

  8. great job dan, I hear lots of stories from all of the players on the team. Sounds like you had fun.

  9. i did it was awesome

  10. we loved the crockidile hunter

  11. Baseball tournament was great.

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