Posted by: Daniel Comstock | September 14, 2006

Steve Irwan’s Death By My Brother Jeff

By now you’ve probably figured out that Steve Irwan (The Crocodile Hunter) was killed by a Sting Ray. This made me really sad because I was a big fan and all he did was protect animals and show people how cool they were. He did no harm to them. Ever! The fact that he had a family makes this even more sad and tragic. He was a great man with a lot of heart.

                                                           In Loving Memory of Steve Irwan. 1962-2006

                                                We’ll miss ya mate!



  1. Wow. He was the born the same year as me. I know it’s hard when someone that you admire or look up to passes away. Did I tell you we’ll be in your area tomorrow? We are going to visit the mission in Sonoma and Vallejo’s home.

  2. That is really sad…I prayed for his family.

  3. Very sad indeed. I read about his death in the paper.

  4. Hey Everybody. Yeah it is sad and I hope they will make a new show that people can watch of his best shows.

  5. Hey Dan Back. Hey that is going to be awesome that you are in the area. It’s even more awesome that I will be in Sonoma today too. I have to go to this really fancy reistaurant. I dont know what it is called, but if you have dinner there I recomend The Deopt Hotel. It is fantastic.

  6. Hi Daniel,

    We won’t be able to stay for dinner, because we have other plans for the evening. We’ll probably have to leave Sonoma around 3 p.m., so we don’t hit too much traffic on the way home. Maybe some other time, we’ll try the Depot Hotel. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. no prob

  8. i am sorry to here bout it talk soon add me love ya millz bye R.I.P steve irwan

  9. i am sorry to here bout it talk soon add me love ya millz bye R.I.P steve irwan


  10. I was only 13 years old in 2001 i was bord watching the same thing in tv. but when i change the channel to animal planet the crocodle hunter was on. this guy was cool i said to my self because the way he could handle a croc as big as him as years were pasting i still watched him never i got bord of him. steve irwan i will miss you all my prayers gose to the irwan family and terri family. dont cancelled the show let terri take over plaese dont cancelled.

    sin: stefan alvarez

  11. When I heard of his death it really didn’t sink in . I was ok, whatever. I didn’t believe it. Then after watching all his reruns and memorial services it hit me. My hero is gone . He died doing the thing I always wanted to do. Studying Marine Life. It has actually pushed me further toward studying marine life. I want to finish what he began. This man opened my eyes and made me see the world in a different way. I don’t know if I will ever get over his death. I sure will follow in his footsteps though… I love you steve irwan ….Thank you …and I sure do miss you !!!!

  12. yeah it is real sad

  13. when I was informed of Steve Irwans death, a chilling silence fell across the room. I was so shocked at first, I didn’t even belive it. I would just like to leave my respect to all of his famly, I will always remember you.

    R.I.P……. mate

  14. When i heard of Steve Irwans death i was shocked.He was my hero he saved animals and never put them in danger. Steve Irwan


  15. i love him i am his son and i miss him

  16. well srry to hear he was ur son i bet he was a great father let him live in ur hearts.

  17. unlucky steve but u were nuts i would never think of doing enything like that

  18. yeah he was kinda carazy

  19. wow thats realy great! i miss him alot. he was so awsome! i luv animals as much as he did and i want to carry that on.

  20. well i loved him he was the most awsome guy in the whole world!!!!!! i wish he never died. i cried when i herd he died. i want to be a conservationist when i grow up just like him and i really want ot carry that on. We’ll miss you mate!

  21. hey that is great steve u have the same name hope u can carry on the passion same w/ u kye carry one the passion have fun

  22. I will miss you very much.And i feel so sad for your family.You was the best ever!i hope Bindi grows up and becomes another you,she is fantastic.

  23. wow talking to a dead soul fascenating. thanks for stopping by yeah he was a great man

  24. omg i’ll miss him Steve if r reading this we all miss u..RIP steve

  25. I still cant get over the fact that he is dead.
    He was such a wonderful person and what he did to protect wild life was really amazing. We will all miss him heaps!

  26. steve was a great entertainer and will be missed by millions, its also sad that he left a great family and loving wife terry

  27. yeah i can agree w/ all three of you. he was great and we all will miss him

  28. steve u were so wonderfull. crikey mate will miss u heaps steve! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  29. he was a good man he was the best friend a man could have at less he died doing what he loved

  30. love u steve



  31. thanks guys i no he means a lot to u

  32. I am really sorry to hear about steves death he was such a good man and he did all he could to save animals and he did not harm creatures he saved them R.I.P Steve

    every on e will miss u xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. yeah they will miss u thanks for stopping by

  34. I think its great that you are all paying your respects, but at the same time dont be disrespectful by saying things like ‘i was his son’ or ‘Steve if your reading this’ When you post your respects then write it as if some one from his family may read it. Imagine what they would think if they read some of these comments.
    Steve was a great fasinating person who will live on in the hearts of many. Dont morn his death celebrate his life. After all he was so full of life and happiness whose family meant every thing to him. So cheer up and think of the many foot prints he left in this earth and smile when you think of him. Because that is what he would want.

  35. R.I.P to a brave and wonderful man we will miss him and his show dearly!

  36. thhanks bec i will take that into concideration. everyone will miss him abbey and shannon

  37. Your welcome Daniel, I hope your mum is doing well. Oh and happy birthday for yesterday! The big 13!! Ohhh happy days..haha

  38. yeah thanks my mum is coming home today so that is kewl and thanks for the happy birthday

  39. I loved watching the croc hunter every now and again and always wanted to go to the Australia Zoo to maybe meet Steve. Maybe I’ll get to go and meet his family one day. God bless his children and Terry.

  40. yeah i no u have a great soul thannks for stopping by

  41. ALL my preys go out to Terry and his children GOD BLESS YOU THREE AND YOUR FAMILY’s we will miss STEVE dearly.

    Memo Davis

  42. yeah definetley

  43. I LOVE HIM



  46. i can tell u must of been devistated to hear about his breath

  47. we will miss you mate you were the biggest fan of your we meet you at the zoo one day last year with you family.

    love katelyn burnett

  48. wow everyone luvs him thanks for stopping by

  49. Steve was every thing to me he made me happy when i was i didnt now him but i new he love what he did i cant believe he died he was my hero no dought ill never forget him ever i hate people who so bad things about him he was my life i aways wanted to meet him and now i cant i will never forget you steve now its good bye.

  50. ill miss u.

  51. il misssssssssssssssssss uuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its upsetting 2 think that the thing he loved most in life[animals] caused his death

  52. well,i hope there’s a heaven,cus if there is he’s the 1 person that deserves 2 be there!!! ill never 4get u steve and all the work that uv done with the animals!!!!!!!!!!!! why? why? WHY did that stupid FUCKIN ray have 2 kill u??????????????????????????????????????

  53. i totally know how u mean devon i will miss him too and il miss u ya it is sickening to think that. love you yeah it was really werid but one of his childern will do the same thing and will be just as awesome as he is

  54. steve was like my hero i always looked up to him. and me and my friends would pretend we were the crock hunter and ketch snakes and did stuff like he did. we always had funn and all my life i wanted to go to the zoo and meet him. he is my hero. i cried wen he died and i held a pic of him on my heart.
    we’ll miss u mate.
    ur a saint

  55. i no what u mean me and my brother wud do that same thing thanks for stopping by

  56. Man, Steve Irwan was a man in my heart..theres a mile in my heart that is empty..R.I.P.

  57. ya i no how u feel he was so awesome thanks for stopping by

  58. I will miss Steve very much and my heart goes out to Terry, Bindi and Bob. I was at a funeral when I heard the news. Ended up a very messy day. Crocs Rule.

  59. i no crocs do rule but this was very sad and it must of been even more sad that u were at a furneral wen this happened thanks for stopping by

  60. I dont think I will ever get over the fact that he died in such a bad way and it was right in front of his daughter and wife. Why did god let him die in such a bad way,and his daughter just sat there and watched her dad die,I think that is just horrable.

  61. I dont think I will ever get over the fact that he died in such a bad way and it was right in front of his daughter and wife. Why did god let him die in such a bad way,and his daughter just sat there and watched her dad die,I think that is just horrable.I think that is the worst way to die.

  62. i can agree thanks for stopping by

  63. amen brother i was a big fan to and i miss him mate
    its so sad that hes gone but i think realy i know his daugter will become the new crocdile hunter

  64. probably thankss for stopping by

  65. My family and I will really miss you!!!! God bless your family!!!!We are truley sorry.

  66. ya I AM too it is really weird that the things that he loved the most killed him-animals. I dont think he wud have wanted to go any other way

  67. i really loved steve irwan and i’d tink i’d meet him one day but its to late for that. Anyway every1 thinks its sad but when you got a go u have to. Now since steve irwan has i died i’m sticking to Bindi irwan his daughter and 1 day im going to get her autograph!

  68. I love ya Steve
    You were my hero and i will never have a new one,
    You are my one and only hero along with Wes.

  69. wow u guys seem to like him a lot thanks for stopping by

  70. I was at work in the home entertainment section when i heard the news why do all the good die young what does god need them for when heaven knows we need all the good here on earth if it’s saving trees or the animals or our ozone fighting terrorists whatever it is we need the good here on earth. i feel for bindi and bob i lost my dad at 5 so i know their pain no child should lose a parent. and i am proud that bindi wants to do her dads work good on her. steve will be sadly missed. my son loved him he always made my son laugh. good on you steve we love you and miss you.

  71. ya i totally agree w/ u i can tell u have good wisedom, have a good head on top of u and u have a great heart thanks for stopping by.

  72. nobody will ever forget steve, he was a great humanitarian and a loving father. when my husband told me about steves death i started to cry, i was a huge fan of steve and i could not believe it. i loved the way he was on tv he was excited about teaching us about animal conservation and he made it fun and exciting for me to watch i am a huge animal lover as it is so i know that steve was doing what he loved. i know that he is watching over his family and friends and evan more his crocs.

  73. wow im glad u have a great heart

  74. how he was a good man
    and I great animal guy

  75. steve Irwan diserved to die he fuken got himself into this mess..

  76. burn biatch burn


  78. o btw im from iraq and ive heard conversations of they r going 2 terrorist bomb one of the main city’s of australia just 2 let u know

  79. have fun biatchs

  80. wow u rily hate us and the dude not all of us are bad i want this war to stop. im not a war loving person u just had to say that huh

  81. Yeah he was a GOOD person… I pray for there family everyday and i watched the memorial on the TV…Did anyone else catch that?

  82. Steve Irwan was a great man i loved his shows and the way he was with animals i luv aminals

  83. His last words would have been crocs rule!

  84. will they ever show what he was recording on the air?

  85. idk i hope they do thanks for stopping by

  86. we miss you steve

    you were a great and loving man. wildlife warrior!
    :(=( i just prayed for family=(

  88. Hi i am Sonic well it is not my real one but i do not want anyone to know my real one i loved Steve Irwan i want to know the e-mail address of his wife i real sorry about what happened oh and the msn address oh and Steve;s wife tell them that i said hi my real name is William.

  89. hey bud i loved ya shows ill miss ya

  90. fuck all u cunts hes dead

  91. steve was the greatest man in the world and when i found out he died i cried for 10 weeks it actually didnt sink in for a while i thougt people were making up sick jokes. those people who think hes crazy your mean. steve meant a lot to me. you are FOREVERloved steve. R.I.P. xoxoxo. tori age10 shut up nick

  92. you fuken steve irwanhaters i hate steve irwan haters.

  93. p.s. steve irwan hater why dont we all get along and who cares where your from

  94. woooooooooooh criky i didnt know old stevo was dead

  95. i miss steve irwan and i wish he was not dead well gtg leave me masseges seya

  96. wat a great man he wis steph fae scotland

  97. wit a hero mon steve save they crocs mikey fae the scotland!!!

  98. we all love steve lest we forget

  99. we are all hert by this accident. we will always carry the momery of him in our hearts.peace out steve

  100. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllllll oooooooooooooooooo vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ssssssssssssssssssssssss tttttttttttttttt eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee vvvvvvvvvvv eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  101. he was one big bueaty,
    i have never met a guy like steve when i met him it was like winning a pot of gold and bindi i hope she is just like him she is the most wonderful most pelight girl i have every met .
    steve did all he can in his wonderful life he never hurt any animal adn the people out there who now hate sting rays plese i beg you dont because think steve wouldnt want you to hate them just because of one little accedent, i guess he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. stevie was a great mat a great father a great son and a great family member and to me he is like my brother so that makes me feel like he is my brother aswell he will alway be in my haert no matter what i think about him nearly every week when i found out about his dealth i went to my room and cryed and cryed and cryed i will never forget you i have been to his zoo 5 times and i have met him 3 times i am so glad but any way he was so great that ii am crying while i am typing this letter………..WILL MISS YOU STEVE YOU ARE IN MY HEART FOREVER AND BINDI BOBBOB AND TERRI YOU ARE ASWELL!!!!

  102. i watched your show whenever it was on~!!!!!!!!!! and will really miss u !!!!!!!!!! Steve u rock~~!!!!~~~~

  103. u were cool and were a good person.

    R.I.P….. rock on mate

  104. i watch your show and i wanted to work @ your zoo when i grow up. u rock the BIG BLOATS mate!!;)

    love ya forever mate.

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