Posted by: Daniel Comstock | September 9, 2006

The First Dance Of The Year

Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting things in a while. My computer hasn’t been working all that well. I haven’t been in my house that long either. My mom just had an opperation and I have been in San Francisco. Well anyway I just got back from my 7th grade dance and boy was it awesome. I loved it, but I am really sore. Anyway I met a girl. She is awesome. Nice, funny, and cute. Well any way. Great to be back in blogging world.



  1. ha ha ha Cute one! Ha ha ha my friend rachel likes Gabe gabe kinda danced with her but not really! But it was fun! Dude this guy keep freak dancing with me and i was like dude get off! he he he he

  2. that was funny wen u told me that eah it was realy fun

  3. Hi Daniel. Glad your computer works and that you had fun at the dance. We do miss your frequent visits but know homework comes first. Is your mom doing all right?

  4. yeah my mom is doing fine. she is walking. she is off the iv’s amd oxygen tanks and it is only 4 days after surgery. it is incredible. I will give u a post abput it later today. im going to see her today.

  5. Hi Daniel,

    Good to have you back. It sounds like your mom may have had major surgery. I’m sure she’ll be glad to see you when you visit her today.

  6. hey carol. i went to c my mom yesterday and she cud actually walk now. After 3 days of recovery she can walk it was amazing

  7. Hi Daniel,

    I’m glad your mom is walking, and I hope she’ll be able to come home soon. I will pray for her.

  8. she is coming home today i will have a post on it as soon as she gets home

  9. Daniel, I’m glad your mama is doing so well, and is able to come home, I’m sure y’all have missed having her at home.

    I’m curious, though…what kind of dancing were you doing that made you so sore? Oh, and congrats on meeting a new girl.

  10. Hi Daniel, Glad to hear you Mom is coming home. Hope she is home by the time you read this.

  11. idk what kind of dancig i was doin but there was this big mosh pit and there was a binch of jumping and push and that sort of thing so yeah that is what made me sore and thanks. hoefully the realtionship[ will do me well and heln just to let you know, my mom is home rite now. i have ta go say hi so that is y the comment i short i will go in greater depth on my next post

  12. Hey Daniel don’t be a stranger!

  13. that means what? :~/

  14. You haven’t been around that much latley…lol

  15. yeah i have i just have a lot of hw

  16. and who was this girl Dan? Did I not notice? Did you not tell me? I am hurt. You better have a damn good excuse.

  17. idk tony. i thought i told u o well.

  18. GO DANIEL!!! GET THE GIRLS!!!! lol sorry I haven’t been here in awhile. Cya later!

  19. is ok yup im goin fo it

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