Posted by: Daniel Comstock | September 2, 2006

Travel Baseball

Hi everyone. I have to stay away from the computer now that school has started. Im so glad that I have a baseball tournaent this weekend. I have to go down to Modesto to play 7 baseball games in 3 days. So wish me luck. Love yall. See you when I get back and I will tell u all about it.  



  1. Hope your team does real well, Daniel, and that you have fun.

  2. I will and i wish but it is our first tourrny so idk how we will do wish me luck

  3. Good luck with your games Daniel. I hope you hit a grand slam that goes wham bam. (Okay, sorry for the dumb rhyme.)

    Carol 🙂

  4. Good luck and have a blast! Love you, too!

  5. ello guys i am at te hoilday inn writing this. we won our first 2 games and we kicked but i will keep u posting

  6. Good job Daniel! Hope you win the rest! 😀

  7. Hi Daniel, Glad you won two games. Can’t wait to hear about the rest.

  8. Congrats on your two wins, Daniel!

  9. hey everyone im back we lost our nxt two games but came in 4th for our first tournament so we will do better next time

  10. You win some. You lose some. Coming in 4th is not bad. Hope you had a good time.


  11. Hi Daniel. Sorry you lost the games but glad you’re back safely.

  12. Hi, Daniel. Glad you’re having fun and doing well. Eager to hear of your school days.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS, Daniel! You hit 6,000! Yippee!

  14. wow srry guys my commp hasnt really been working so i am on m dadas comp dont expect posts for a little while but i will be back

  15. Miss you, Daniel. We’ll be glad when your computer is up and running.

  16. Hi Daniel, We haven’t forgotten you. Hope you get your computer fixed soon.

  17. Ditto, Daniel. I hope your computer is fixed soon too.

  18. Hey Danny Boy!!!

    LOL Okay, hope your computer works soon.

    Jen 😀 🙂 😉

  19. yay it is wroking now i will rite a post within the hour.

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