Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 27, 2006

Being Ready to Die By Henri Nouwen

Death often happens suddenly.  A car accident, a plane
crash, a fatal fight, a war,  a flood, and so on.  When we
feel healthy and full of energy, we do not think much about
our deaths.  Still, death might come very unexpectedly.

How can we be prepared to die?  By not having any unfinished
relational business.  The question is:  Have I forgiven
those who have hurt me and asked forgiveness from those I
have hurt?  When I feel at peace with all the people I live
with, my death might cause great grief, but it will not
cause guilt or anger.

When we are ready to die at any moment, we also are ready to
live at any moment.



  1. Hi Daniel. We have “twin posts” again today.

  2. yeah that is awesome i have benn at the giants game all day so yeah it’s been a long day

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