Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 26, 2006

My First Week of School

Hey everyone. Haven’t been able to blog much since school started. I just had so much homework to do, but I did get it done though I have a little to do today, but that is fine. I have adored the school the past few days. All my teachers are really nice and the actually teach you something. My science teacher is Mr. G*****s. I like him but he is just a little weird. My history teacher is Mrs. L******-***n. I really like her. She is nice and knows how to teach. My english teacher is Ms. M****r. I like her to because she’s nice and again knows how to teach. My math teacher is Mrs. S****t. She is a really laid back teacher and will do anything with the kids. Even play basketball. She is pretty cool. Now my favorite class is bad and Mr. B****y. I play clarinet and am really good at it, but since he knows I’m really good and can pick up and intrument and play it, he asked me to switch over to Tenor Saxophone. Iv’e always wanted to learn how to play that intrument so here was my chance and I took it. My spainish teacher is Mrs. Peabody. Get this. For homework I have to listen to spanish radio and watch sesime street in spanish. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! LOL. O well. Last but not least my P.E. teacher is Mr. G***g. He is really cool but he makes you run a lot. Well, I had so much fun and I am so wanting to go back A.S.A.P.  



  1. Hi Daniel, I am so glad you are enjoying school. I love school. I like the assigmnments. And I love class discussions. Teachers who are able to teach that way are very good. That way you learn what the teacher knows and the students, which is very interesting.

  2. Hi Daniel. I’m glad you are enjoying school too. I always enjoyed the learning part, but I hated the social aspect of school. I was one of those kids that was picked on and bullied in grade school. After I got to highschool, that changed. I think the kids who picked on me matured some. Did you know there is a famous Comstock in history? I just read about him. His name is Anthony Comstock. Here is the link I read.

    Do you know if you’re related to him? Just curious. Hope you have a good weekend.


  3. hey helen thanks for stopping by yeah it is interesting that way. carol i really have no clue at all. maybe idk time will tell.

  4. Glad you’re having fun! I didn’t know you could play clarinet! That’s cool. 😀

  5. yup but i have ta switch

  6. Good morning, Daniel. I’m so happy that school is going go well for you this year.

    The clarinet trade for the sax? Wonderful, in my opinion. I much prefer the sound of the sax. Go for it!


  7. i am and will thanks shirley.

  8. i’m glad you love school…
    but dont be afraid to try new things…
    maybe your teacher believes in your capability to play saxophone…
    ’til next tym…
    im happy when i read your blog…

  9. your GREAT..

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