Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 21, 2006

Taking the Sting of Death By Henri Nouwen

Dying is returning home.  But even though we have been told
this many times by many people, we seldom desire to return
home.  We prefer to stay where we are.   We know what we
have; we do not know what we will get.  Even the most
appealing images of the afterlife cannot take away the fear
of dying.  We cling to life, even when our relationships are
difficult, our economic circumstances harsh, and our health
quite poor.

Still, Jesus came to take the sting out of death and to help
us gradually realise that we don’t have to be afraid of
death, since death leads us to the place where the deepest
desires of our hearts will be satisfied.  It is not easy for
us to truly believe that, but every little gesture of trust
will bring us closer to this truth.



  1. This is a good one, Daniel. Very deep. I’m so impressed with how you “get” deep writings at such a young age when so many adults *never* get stuff like this. God made you for a reason and He will reveal it to you some day when the timing is right. He’s actually working on you right now, making you what He wants you to be because you have such a submissive heart to Him.

  2. thanks tena that means a lot to me

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