Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 21, 2006

My Parent’s Party

Last Saturday my parents had a party inviting all of their most cherished friends. It was unbelievable to see all these people again because I saw them up in Trinity for my vacation, but all the other people I didn’t recognize. They didn’t recognize me either because they only saw me when they could hold me. I really got along with a bunch of these people.So anyway the party lasted about 10 hours and I was in my pool that we own for about 6 of those hours. The other 4 I was watching the little leauge world seris. Gosh I wish I was there. So I had lots of fun and I got to see on of my best friends, we have been firends for the longest time. Since we started going up tp trinity, Shelby. I didnt see her this year because she went to play softball in Texas for the softball world seris. They came in the top thirty in the whole world sp that was exciting. Everyone if you were at the party and read this blog, I hope you had a lot of fun.



  1. It’s great to see old friends. I have some friends I haven’t seen in ages. It would be great to see them again.

  2. yeah seeing old friends just litfs ur heart up so that was pretty kewl

  3. Your parents sound like really nice people, Daniel. Do you live in a big house? Maybe we could have a bloggers party somewhere, someday.

  4. no we really dont have that big of a house but our backyard is really really big so that is y i did that

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