Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 20, 2006

Remembering 9-11, But Not Wanting Too.

Remembering 9-11 5 years later Photo # 33

Originally uploaded by happyarm.

This is not something I was looking to post,but I came by it as I am surfing thru Flickr ( This is unbelivable. I really didn’t think anything would happen like this to our country. The horor of this was unbelivable. I hated that day when my parents said “Got to school” my stomch dropped because I was so scared because there were planes everywhere, and I was in second grade and was weak minded. This is for you the terrorist. This will never happen again. Everyone. Please Listen to me and take down Saddam. Be good and peaceful everybody. Thanks for listening.



  1. How old are you?? were you in second grade then?

  2. What a great post Daniel. To see 9-11 through the eyes of a scared little boy (when you were in the second grade). We held a memorial service at Wake Forest, where we read the names of people who died in the terrorist attack and poems in their honor. Never again is right. But we must find a peaceful way to bring lasting peace. Otherwise, the violence will continue. Little boys and little girls deserve to live in a peaceful world. “An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind.”

  3. yes i was in the 2nd grade i am now 12 thanks for the wisedom helen that really helps

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