Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 18, 2006

7th Grade Orientation at the PJHS

I just got back a couple minutes ago from the 7th grade orientation and I am really excited for the 23rd of August because I am at a new school. I am sad to leave my old school but we are are going on a new adventure. I hope I have fun. I have seven classes, but most people have six. I chose to do zero hour and was picked for it. My classes are:

      A Day

Zero Hour- P.E.

1st period- Life Science

2nd period- World History

3rd period- English

     B Day

Zero Hour- P.E.

4th period- Pre-Algebra

5th period- Advanced Band

6th period- Spainish 1A

So there you have it. I am really excited for Junior High. 😀 Can you tell? I bet you can’t. I will have a post after the first day. So see you all later. Wish mee luck



  1. We have prealgerabra toghether, so does Megan tunzi.

  2. Oh, Daniel! I’m glad you are so excited about school! That will make it so much easier on you. Do it all with passion! Give it all you’ve got! Love to learn! Have fun! You’ll do great!
    Instead of wishing you luck, I’ll say a prayer. How ’bout that?
    You have some wonderful classes! Band? What do you play? Instruments are a great thing to learn. My oldest son plays guitar and my youngest plays keyboard and bass.

    God bless you!

  3. What does Zero hour mean?

  4. Daniel, guess what? I have 2,000 hits! And I’ve only been blogging for five weeks! Thanks to *YOU* and others.

  5. I am so excited for you, Daniel. I love school. I was a teacher for nine years, but I like being a student more than being a teacher. I went back to college for my master’s degree after being out of school 25 years. I loved it and got my second degree in 2000. Every fall I wish I were enrolled in class. Enjoy school, and learn everything you can. Knowledge is never wasted.

  6. hey josie how do u know we have pre-algerbra together i just wonderin

  7. cuz josie it just means we have it in the same period not teacher ok tena that is fine band and i play the clairinet yeah i like learning dif. kinds of intruments zero hour is wen u go to school before school and do P.E before everyone gets to school and tena that is awesome that is great u shud catch up to me soon.

  8. yeah thanks for the wise wisdom helen that will really help me thanks everyone for coming

  9. So, what time do you need to be at school for P.E.? Pretty early, huh?

  10. 7:30 is u call they early lol yeah that is early

  11. lol i lost mine! Lol!

  12. u lost urs what did u lose

  13. I forgot about the teachers, who is ur math teacher?

  14. my math teacher is street.

  15. I have a blog too. vist it please!

  16. hey i will thanks for visiting

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