Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 16, 2006

World Trade Center-The Movie

A couple days ago I went to go see “World Trade Center” and it was a really great movie! At the beginning of the movie these peoples day started just like any other day. Going to work. Signning in in the office. And the first really important scene in the movie was in slow motion and outside “Tower 1” everyone saw a shadow of a bir airliner. Inside of “Tower 1” you could see the vibration inside the building. So then the officers arrive and everyone follows Srg. McLaughlin. only four people went into “Tower 2” to get equipment to go into “Tower 1” and another slow motion scene. McLaughlin radios he friend, “Hey were ganna head into Tower 1 right now.” The guys radios back, “You’re not gonna have time.” McLaughlin radios back, “Is something happening in Tower 2? As he sees the lobby in “Tower 2” come down cuz he was in the place between Tower 1 & 2. Now he says, “Run! To the elevator shaft.” And only three of the men survived. Then the third man died because Tower 1 came down. Srg. Mclaughlin and Agent Jimeno are alive. So then they talk about their families and important stuff like they weren’t going to get out. But they did. It was amazing. When they got out they didn’t even know what happened. Both of them are like “Where are the towers” They had no clue. But that is the goodness of our country. Even if a tradegy happens like this out spirts are still high. There in the sky with all the 2,974  people that died that day. on 20 people got out and Jimeno and Mclaughlin were the last men out. But a punch of officers died to  evacuate Tower 1. They got over 5,000 people out so it could of been worse. Thank you officers, firefighters and heros of the day. You saved a lot of lives for your own and that is incredibly courage.



  1. That is incredible courage, indeed.

  2. yea

  3. i wish i cud of done somethin like that

  4. This post inspired me. You inspire me, too, Daniel. Why? Your obvious high intelligence, your diverse interests, your desire to do right, and your precocious interests in the wider world in which we live. I feel blessed to have met you, and fully expect that in your life, you too, will perform acts of bravery and of courage.

    Blessings, always.

    Shirley Buxton

  5. hey shirley ur wise wisedom inspires me too be a better person comin into bloggin i was never really think about anybody else but the change happend and u happend and i wish i cud of met u earlier in life

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