Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 16, 2006

3 Months Strong

This post is on my 3rd month of blogging and it feels really good that I can maintain a blog for that long. I just want to thank all my readers again for helpping me through this. It gives me hope now that I can go for a year long. That would just be great. Thank you for listening.



  1. Some of us hope you’ll blog for even more than a year. It’s interesting to see what you write about and to read the comments you leave here and on other blogs. And, if you so choose, blogging can be a way to improve your writing. Everyone needs to write well, not just the professionals.

  2. yeah that is ture and i am able to edit a lot better and it has helpped me once skewl starts my blog will slow down a little bit because of this so i can do my hw but i will be blogging

  3. Alright Daniel!! I’m back from camp! And congrats with blogging. Good job! 😀

  4. thanks i am glad u r back from camp did u have fun i hope u did

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