Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 15, 2006

Protecting Our Hiddenness By Henri Nouwen

If indeed the spiritual life is essentially a hidden life,
how do we protect this hiddenness in the midst of a very
public life?   The two most important ways to protect our
hiddenness are solitude and poverty.  Solitude allows us to
be alone with God.  There we experience that we belong not
to people, not even to those who love us and care for us,
but to God and God alone.  Poverty is where we experience
our own and other people’s weakness, limitations, and need
for support.  To be poor is to be without success, without
fame, and without power.  But there God chooses to show us
God’s love.

Both solitude and poverty protect the hiddenness of our



  1. In my solitude, I discover that it is only God who truly loves and cares.
    Loneliness is a reality of life that I must accept.
    It is in this reality that my being human has become an embraced gift and that the fundamental reality that a Divine Lover is truly present in my life.

  2. that means so much to me thank you plz come back

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