Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 11, 2006

Trinity County. The Most Beautiful Place On Earth(Besides Yosemite)(Part 3)

On my fifth, sixth, and last day of my vaction I did a lot and had so much fun. On the fifth and sixth days we decided to go to Mans Hole because we had so much fun and go skiing the morning of those days. But the fifth day was very special because it was my friends birthday and we decided to go to B.I.N.G.O. It was so much fun because we won haalf the post and won over $1000! It was so awesome, but sadly my  sucked and I got no bingos. Oh well. The sixth day we went out to dinner and it was so much fun to because we walked down like a half of a mile after dinner to the lake and it was glass. the lake was flat. So it was a very pretty sight. Getting back to reality here on the seventh day we went skiing, as usually, and I got up this on time and I was up for at least 10 minutes. Or it felt like that. Then I hit a water bump and went flying in the air like 5 feet came down on the water and I was still going. I smiled and then hit another bump which was unexpecting and did a fcaeplant into the water and hurt my leg. It hurt but it was well worth it. When we got back to camp we started packing eveything up besides the tents and the food. zThe next day everything was packed and we were gone. We stopped in Redding to have breakfast and it was so good because I hadn’t ate anything for like 15 hours. So then we left and four hours later we were home.



  1. Glad you weren’t seriously hurt when you did that faceplant. It’s nice to come home in one piece after a vacation. 🙂

  2. yeah it is but it waz fun

  3. Sounds like you had about all the fun you could handle. 🙄

  4. yeah i had a lot of fun but u can never have to much fun

  5. I’m glad you had fun, Daniel. On a more serious note, when does school start for you? Also, I was curious about your birthday. When is it and will you be turning 13? Thanks!

  6. yes i did have fun. skewl starts on the 23rd sept 24 is my b-day and i and turnin 13 and u r up latde

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