Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 6, 2006

I’m Too Tired

Hey everyone. Great to be back again. I am so tired I really don’t want to write about my trip just yet but my next two posts will be about it. Great to be back and will see you all later.



  1. Hi Daniel. I don’t even know where you went, so I’m looking forward to hearing about it, when you get rested.

  2. i will get rested tonight and do a post tommorrow i look forward to that too

  3. Hey I bet I’m more tired than you…I was at camp meeting, and I was up till about 3 am almost everynight, and during the day I was walking aroud a lot. But I got to see Shirley again, and I met Tena!!!! Isn’t that so cool??!

  4. Daniel, I’m glad you are back. I am, too. So now we all can catch up on our vacations. Looking forward to reading about yours.

  5. yes that is cool jen i wish i cud of met them too. kewl i am lloking forward to writing about mine too but i did a lot so i hvae to have it in 2 parts.

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