Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 28, 2006

Another Week Of NOT BLOGGING!

Hey everyone. I have another vaction to go on so I will see everyone in 1 week from today. Keep the comments coming. See you in a week.



  1. Hi Daniel, Hope you have a real good time. Blog about it when you get back.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I’ll have a blogless week next week too, as we’ll be at campmeeting. Of course, if Shirley brings her laptop with her, maybe I can bribe her to let me use it. 🙂


  3. yeah i hope u guys have fun their too. i will have fun and rite about it wen i get back

  4. Yeah we’ll be gone all week to, but I’m paying Helen to give me hits. Joking!! Have fun!

  5. Why arn’t I on ur blog roll???

    Hope u have fun on ur vacation.

  6. Hi Daniel. Welcome home.

  7. Hi Daniel,

    Welcome back! I just got home too not too long ago. I really wish you could have been at our campmeeting in Santa Maria. You would have been able to meet Shirley, Jen, Tena and myself, because we were all there. Anyhow, hope you had fun. I’m glad you’re back and will talk to you soon.


  8. yeah i am back i had a lot of fun but to tired to rite a very llong post so i will rite a short 1 so talk to yall later

  9. Great blog, I will keep checking it out. Try checking my blog as well.

  10. ok thanks for stopping by

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