Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 24, 2006

Uh Oh

My friend (Pat Scoble. Find him at found this and I thought it was really funny.



  1. That’s funny….poor frog needs to learn a lesson… 😀

  2. lol yeah i though it waz so i posted it

  3. ummmm……. ok! This was in Patrick S. blog

  4. yeah i no that is y i said my friend found this

  5. I sure it was only very powerful Root Beer.

  6. yes very lol shirley

  7. Yah I’m not sure if I should be mad at him or what for copying me.

  8. u shudnt i thought it waz funny so i used it

  9. Daniel, when are you going to post again? Kermit is covering your hit total. By the way, did you notice? I passed the 1,000 hit mark!

  10. great that is awesome tena i will rite a post tommorow

  11. Daniel, is that guy still drunk? Quite a binge. :)Somebody needs to get him some coffee. I have Starbucks coupons if you want to come get them.

  12. lol shirley u always make me laugh wen i am down i will talk to u

  13. Hi Daniel, Hope you’re not still down. 😦

  14. BTW, if Shirley’s right, and Kermie’s still drunk, it’s gonna take more than any strong coffee. Try this That oughta get his blood pumpin’.

  15. yeah thanks helen and i wazn’t down i waz just sayin

  16. I used to have a Kermit just like that one. I lost him. I wonder if that’s him?!

  17. lol he is so cute

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