Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 20, 2006

Within Day I Got 500 Hits (2,500 Hits)

What has happened. It says in my blog stats on my admin page and when I click on the “Blog Stats,” I had 500 hits in 1 day. It was amazing. Now that brings my grand total to over 2,500. I am so excited. Thank you everyone for coming to check out my blog. Keep coming. Please :D. It would put a big smile on my face. Thans everyone!



  1. My stats are going insane too.I never had that much traffic.

  2. yeah me too thanks for coming

  3. No problem.
    I thought yesterday was insane but today i am about to end up the day with 2000 hits.

  4. very kewl

  5. Dan:

    How on God’s green earth do you keep up? I was noticing just how many hits you have all together. I have trouble keeping up with my blog sometimes, and I don’t have HALF the hits you do!! Nor is my blog as organized as yours. MAN!!!!

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