Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 19, 2006


Now some people say that nascar is a sprot that is real easy and boring because all the drivers are doing is driving around in circles. Well I no Helen Losse (You can see her at would agree with me that this sport takes a whole lot of skill. You are driving at 180 MPH when you are as close to the driver in front at 1 or 2 inches. Well my favorite driver is (HAHA 🙂 Helen) Is Jeff Gordon. He is one of the best drivers alive. He can win at road course, Speedways, and short tracks. (Tony Stewert can’t do that helen. LOL) So anyway the last ten races are coming up so now they have to race for the Nextel Cup. If you don’t know what that is the trophy for the person that got the most points at the end of the season. And jeff Gordon is going win Helen Mooohahahahahahahah. Hehehehe. 😉 🙂 



  1. Cool post, Daniel. I’m busy right now, but I’ll be back.

  2. ok kewl u love jeff gordon dont cha lol jk

  3. I think NASCAR is crazy! lol But Jeff Gordan sounds good…

  4. ypu he is good dont side w/ helen tony stewert is bad lol

  5. Daniel, if you recently tried to post at my site, please do so again. I thought I saw where you had posted, but it has disappeared. I didn’t delete your post, but I was having a bit of trouble with my site at that time.

  6. no i didnt try so but i will look rite now

  7. Hi Daniel,

    According to, Jeff Gordon has “73 victories, 199 top-fives and 269 top-10s in 437 starts spanning 14 years.” He has 4 NASCAR Cup championships.

    and Tony Stewart has “24 victories in his seven years in NASCAR’s top series dating to 1999, second only to Jeff Gordon during that time.”

    But Tony also has “10 racing championships, including two on the NASCAR Cup circuit.” Stewart has championships in “in the IRL, USAC (four) and go-karts (three),” as well as the 2 in NASCAR cup. “Stewart will race anyone, anywhere, anytime — and in any type of machine.”

    I don’t hate Jeff Gordon. he has more cahmpionships than Stewart. And recently, he’s acted a bit better, but he’ll never be my favorite with Tony around. For me, NASCAR is a break from the “real world” with all its problems. And this weekend, I’ll be posting my DW poem, ’cause he’ll be racing the Dream Machine at Martinsville on Saturday. Go, Darrell. “Boogity. Boogity. Boogity.”

  8. And Daniel. Have you ever been to a race? I’ve been to the All Star Race in Charlotte three times. A Busch race in Charlotte. And a cup race in North Wilksboro. My Mom thought it was boring, too, until she went with us to the Busch race.

  9. yeah those are pretty kewl but i dont go i go to the ones in sonoma cuz i live close by there

  10. ok i cant change ur descion and how u get those fax but ok its a fight to the finsh lets see hoo will win

  11. Okay, Daniel. Bring ’em on! 🙂

  12. oky doky

  13. I agree that race car driving takes a lot of skill. If it were me driving, it would take a lot of prayer too, because I’d be begging God to spare my life. (I’m a big chicken.)

  14. lol yeah i wud like the thirl but it wud be hella scary

  15. reread your writting some mistakes on there!

  16. i no i dont care they can still understand it

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