Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 18, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

WOW! What a fantastic movie. I just got back form seeing it and it really opened my eyes and told me how much of a fraud President Bush is. I mean Al Gore should of won that election because he cares about everybody in the world, not just the United States and he presents leadership. Anyway what Al Gore is trying to present (which he does) in this movie is what we are doing to our earth. I mean he makes a great point. Half of Florida will be under water if Greenland melts. India, China, Japan, Netherlands will be covered. But If Antarctica melts than we are in deep sushi. We would have half of the United States gone. But George Bush doesn’t do a thing. He thinks that the ozone layer is more important than the ocean levels rising. He still cares about the ozone when we came together as a community (the whole earth) and the ozone layer is back to normal. But now he thinks it is to hard to overcome so he doesn’t try. What’sthe worst that would happen. It keep going. That’s what is has been doing so if we try we have nothing to loose. Al Gore if you are out there you should of been the president. Your movie was awesome. Go see it everyone and work on how you can make the earth a better place to live. Al Gore you make a great point and everyone needs to see that movie. Now everyone you think that I am a total crap head that is 12 and his way over his head, but I am a citizen of the country too. I make a point and no one ever listens to kids. But everyone that blogs with me says I am different and have an opinion like a regular person so I hope this post makes sense to everyone and I want Al Gore as the president. Thank you everyone for listening.



  1. My dear Daniel. I read carefully your post, and disagree with some of it–agree with other parts. One part I agree with is that you are 12 years old, and that the people you blog with says you are different and can have an opinion like a regular person.

    I’m proud of you that at such a young age, you have come to conclusions about the world around you. Keep studying, thinking, and listening. It takes a long time to establish one’s philosophy, but you, my man, are well on your way. I admire you for your efforts.

    One more thing. If you ever change your mind–which you will about some things–don’t be afraid to say, “I’ve reconsidered, I understand more, this or that has changed…whatever.” A wise man will change his mind when it is appropriate.

    On the other hand, don’t change your mind when you are fully convinced of truth. Stand for your beliefs.

    One more thing (the second time 🙂 Don’t forget to always include God in the equation.


    Shirley Buxton

  2. ok thanks shirley i really love all the advice u give me cuz u a a wise person and u were my 400th comment yippy

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I think you’re a smart kid. And remember God is in control of everything. I don’t believe in global warming, and I think Bush is doing what he thinks is right. But I really like the way you express yourself, and show everyone that even though you’re 12, your opinion matters. I think you could be a good leader one day if you rely on God, and if you use your head all the time. You’re on your way!!

    You know me-

    Jen 😀

  4. And hey, wasn’t I supposed to be your 400th? LOL I was 100, 200, and 300! 😉

  5. aww to bad jen and thanks for the advice i am young and i will use it wisely

  6. I’m young too! lol You’re welcomed…and yeah, too bad. 😦

  7. so ur older than me so yeah

  8. jen if it makes u happier u were my 401th comment. thaat is as close as it gets. so congrats on that

  9. lol

  10. Oh yay, I was close! lol But I’m only by 2 years…

  11. so that is still older and u were very close

  12. hopefully 500 next time lol

  13. good luck w/ that jen

  14. Hi Daniel,

    I agree with Shirley that you are not like the average 12 year old. Most kids your age would not take the time to write about how they feel about politics and government, but you do, because it is important to you. Sometimes the way you think does change as you get older. I remember when I was a kid saying that I never wanted to get married, and I never ever wanted to have children. I’m glad I changed my mind though, because God blessed me with a wonderful husband and 2 great kids. Jen, of course, is one of my kids, and I sure am glad she is around to help increase your blog stats. 😀



  15. yeah my sis said i am never having a boyfriend never having kids and never getting married. shes had like a whole lot of boyfriends so it change but nothing will change my hate owards bush.

  16. thanks for the compliments carol

  17. EH HEM…you mean your “dislike” towards Bush? LOL

  18. lol yeah no but i think the rite word is “hate!”

  19. Hi Daniel, I’ve had a really busy day. Our countertops were installed and now we have a lot of plumbing to do. Right now we can’t use our kitchen sink or dishwasher.

    Yes, I like your post.

    I haven’t seen “An Inconvenient Truth” yet. As I told you before we wait until movies come out on DVD. But I admire Al Gore and think he should have been president in 2000. I think Jeb Bush helped his brother steal the presidency. Too bad, because if Gore had been president at 9/11, he might not have gone to war as quickly as Bush did.

    Shirley and Carol are right, you might change your mind later about how you feel. I did, and sadly become a registered Republican for a while, until I realized that I had been right when I was 12. I do not hate Bush, but I can’t wait until he is, once again, a private citizen, with no power to determine my future and the future of other Americans.

    Sadly also, I am afraid it is too late for Gore to be president. Too many things have happened in the six years Bush has been in office.

    Also, I think Bush is doing what he thinks is right. But I think he is very wrong. War means death to a lot of people on both sides.

  20. ok i thank you for the words g2g to dinner bi c ya guys later keep the comments comin

  21. Hope dinner was good…I am bored…. ;-( lol

  22. it waz good and we had chinese food and it didnt work lol ha

  23. 😉

  24. darn o well lol

  25. Hey I didn’t even notice it didn’t work…LOL 😀 There!!!

  26. ok lol kewl but i did so ha beat u to it lol

  27. i saw that! i fell asleep!

  28. u fell asleep how it waz a great movie

  29. AIT was probably the most boring movie I have ever seen. Just because some attention whore pol made a snazzy powerpoint doesn’t mean the stuff in the presentation is true.

  30. well i thought it waz true

  31. And ya know 50 years ago they were warning us of a global freezing.

  32. Sorry that came out mean, I didn’t meen for it to sound so blunt. Really sorry about that [is there a way to edit my own comments?]

    By the way this is a really nice site, and that was a well writen article, I just don’t happen to agree with you, but I probably should have just kept my big fat mouth shut. Again sorry for the way that sounded,

  33. it iz ok and thanks come back later

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