Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 16, 2006

Here We Go Again (2,000 Hits)

All I can say is thank you to all my readers. I can’t beleave that i got to 2,000 hits so fast. It is unbeleavably great. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and keep coming because I no you will like it. Even more than you did before. If you don’t like it I will give you a refund. Thank you all.



  1. Hi Daniel,
    Keep up the good posts. That’ll keep us coming back.

  2. ok i will do that

  3. Way to go Daniel. Congratulations! 😀


  4. Awesome, Daniel! I’m happy for you!

    Do you have more baseball to play?


  5. thanks tena and carol my blog wud be notin w/o u

  6. and yes my coah is getting a team togetherfor some tournaments so yeah

  7. Good job Daniel…maybe I can’t beat you!!! lol That’s great, and of course I will keep coming back! 😉

  8. u might beat me and thanks i hope u do

  9. You hope I beat you? lol Just kidding, I know what you’re talking about…

  10. You hope I beat you? lol Just kidding, I know what you mean… 😉

  11. I can’t beleave you can’t spell believe! w/e. When are the amigops gonna have a sleepover? Gimme a call Dan.

  12. ok kewl next few day maybe

  13. Good morning Daniel. Rise and shine. 🙂

  14. i am i hope lol

  15. I rose, but I don’t know if I’m shining… 😀 My mouth hurts cause I just got spacers yesterday….ahhh…lol

  16. ouch lol my sis got spacers and she hurt for day haha lol

  17. Yeah, I get my braces on Monday…It hurts to bite down…nooo!

  18. ouch yeah they will hurt for about a moth and than u will get used to them

  19. They will NOT hurt for a month Daniel….LOL

  20. darn tried to scare ya only like a cuple weeks or somtin like tha6t

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