Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 15, 2006

They Almost Did It

The eleven year all-stars for the National league made a charge. They won their first game and lost their second so they had to go through the losers bracket and made it all the way to the championship game. But they lost and they seemed disappointed but look what they did. They played 8 game and won 6 of them. That is pretty good. So don’ give up. They almost won this game. They were down by 3 run with 1 out to go the bases were loaded when their best hitter came uplooking for a home run. He hit the ball it looked like it was going out but it hit off the wall. Darn! Now the tieing run was coming around third the relay home throw home…………., he was out by 6 inches. WOW!. What a hit what a play. Everything was perfect. If the throw was a little more to the left or right he was safe but he made a perfect strike. And it helped that the guy had a really good arm. But don’t give up it is not over until it is over and congrats to the other team. That team is in my home town so thank god the tens, same league, the elevens, same league, and the twelves, same league, made it all the way. The Valley teams are unstoppable. They are really good and I pray they can go as far as they can. All 3 teams are the best. Good luck in the next round Valley.



  1. Yes, good luck in the next round.

  2. yeah i hope they go really far

  3. Hope everyone does good!!

  4. yeah me too too of their teams made it to next round all ready after this one

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