Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 14, 2006

1 Month Strong (And Still Trucking Along)

A month ago today I started my blog. I am so excited. I am almost to 2,000 hits in 1 month. My last blog I was writing about stuff that was lame and nobody wanted to read it but now I usually have about 15 comments per post. So this is an incredibly opportunity to start to thank everyone for coming to my blog. Keep coming people I will be here for a while.



  1. Daniel, you are doing a great job on your blog! Please continue to make us proud. 🙂


  2. Hi Daniel,
    What I like about your blog is that you post your feelings about what is going on. I think you are honest.

  3. thanks carol i will continue to make u proud

  4. thanks i dont think that i am that honest but thanks anyways

  5. You are welcome! I enjoy reading your blog. You are an interesting young man.

  6. thanks i hope u come back to read more

  7. I’m in hopes you’ll have change of heart and post about how good Tony Stewart really is. 🙂

  8. Good job Daniel! It will be a month for me pretty soon too….! Glad you’ll be around for a while. 😀 🙂 😉

  9. YAY! They ALL worked!

  10. lol very funny helen il think on it

  11. thanks yeah u didnt start long after me lol yes they all worked lol

  12. Hi Daniel,

    I wasn’t sure what you meant when you commented on my If I Were A Rich Man post. I hope I did not sound to you like I was bragging on myself. That definitely was not my intent. Actually, I was bragging on God, because without Him I have nothing and am nothing. Anyhow, I hope you have a terrific weekend.


  13. thanks u have a good week end too.

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