Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 9, 2006

1,500 Hits!

WOW! I can’t beleave it. I haven’t even had this blog a month and I have a little over 1,500 hits. This blog to me is sacred. I absolutley love it more than my last one. My last one I had troble getting to 100 and now I have 1,500. Thanks to all the readers that red my blog.



  1. Daniel, on your first blog you said the world hated you. Do you now believe that some us love you? Congratulations on 1500 hits!

  2. Daniel you’re doing a really good job at this! It’s fun, huh? I’m glad I started. I’m almost to 1,000 now! Yay! lol

  3. I think a lof of that is cause of you! Thanks!!! 😀

  4. no helen it was just a blog name and thanks

  5. no prob jen yes it is very fun im glad u started too and congrats on being almost at 1000

  6. Daniel, congratulations. You definitely are a winner.



  7. Congratulations, Daniel. Keep up the good work.


  8. thanks shirley and carol. u make my blog great

  9. OK, Daniel, I’m throwin’ you a bone, even though my ultimate goal is to get my niece Jen’s hit rate higher than yours. She gave me permission to hit you.

    Nice blog. Enjoy it while you’re still ahead.


  10. lol i will enjoy it even is she does get ahead

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