Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 7, 2006

Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Mens Chest (Part 2)

WOW! What a movie. I went to the mid-night show and it was worth it. It was a really great, well thought out movie. If you saw the first movie and then saw this your jaw would drop. It was also really funny for this kind of movie. See the movie is you haven’t yet. One of the best movies of the year.  



  1. Hi Daniel. Well, I saw the first one, but we don’t go to the movies, so I’ll have to wait until the DVD comes out. I’ll be watching.

  2. ok well the 2nd one is better this is a time to go to the movies helen

  3. well, sorry Daniel, not to be mean, but i dont totally aggree with you. i JUST saw it and it wasnt all that great. i mean i hate Elizabeth now, and the story isnt all that great. First one was WAY, and i mean WWWAWAAAAAAYYYYYYY better. Also, i think that the third (yes, they ARE making a third one) and the second will be more connected to each other, cuz the first one kinda ended, like they didnt have to make another one at all, but this one didnt. But you know me… i’ll always love Johnny Depp, except for the fact that he STOLE elizabeth from Will!!! not that i like will better, but hes a better match w/ lizzie and jack gets everything. also, why would lizzie even like himn for saving his own ass by tricking will!!! sorrythis is so long, but its fun to just say what you think. ya know, EXPRESS yourself. lol. i think i should just get my own damn bblog!! you know whwawt… i think i will!!! ta ta for now!!!!

  4. ok i can c ur side of it but i still thought is was really good. and get back to me wen u get ur own blog

  5. i got one. and yea it ws pretty good… but not a 10!!
    its…… dunno why but it is

  6. Oh I don’t watch movies…..Do you have your baseball game tonight?? If you do, keep me posted…I though you said something about playing today.

  7. ok ill stop by amayla i had one today jen and we won 11 to notin and i hit a home run we have another game tommorrow

  8. and if we win we have on mon. and if we win that we play tues day if we keep winning we have to play till saturday

  9. That’s really cool! 😀 I’m glad you won! Hopefully you will win again. I don’t know how people hit home runs, I’m not good…but good luck!


  10. thanks yeah we r playin the team we lost to so we r looking for revenge

  11. Pirates 2 i thought was sooooooo good mabye better than the first one but ill get the movie more when i see the 3rd one and i still think elizabeth is my 2nd fav. charecter besides captain jack sparrow but she didnt cheat cuz she loved jack she had to to save them all. duh!

  12. yeah i thought pirates 2 was good but 1 is a little better. thanks for stoping by

  13. rachel

  14. and jen we won the game yesterday we were down 2-0 in the 6th inning and 2 people hit home runs so the game was tied and we ended up winning

  15. Think of Pirates from a childs point of view and this movie is wonderful and hilarious. My son though it was a riot. And whos to say that Elizabeth is in love with Jack. It can go either way. Will thinks hes lost her but hey in part 3 he may fight for her who knows. I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD. It will most deffinately be part of my collection.

  16. yeah me too

  17. Oh boy i am waiting for the movie to come to my city.

  18. u r it iz supposed to be there already what happened

  19. Well, the second part of potc isn´t what I expected after the first film. Where are the cool dialogues and the funny comments from Jack? Think he´s too much under pressure of Davy Jones and the ultimate free man he seemed to be in the first part is vanished… Hope might be restored in the third film. And about Elisabeth, well would preferr JacK to Will also…

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