Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 5, 2006


WOW! My first game is tonight. I am excited, but the 12’s have a lot to live up to. The 10’s (As in 10 years old.) won their first two games and they have a game tonight also. The 11’s won their first game too so if the 12’s loose we will be totally embarrassed. Anyway, I have to catch tonight and i can barely walk. My knee hurts. I woke up 1 day and it hurt. So now I hope it get better by 3:00 today. I have 6 hours and have been doing everything to make it better. But is isn’t working. So wish me luck and I will get back to you on the game tonight.



  1. Hi

  2. Good luck Daniel! Hope your knee is better. Let me know how the game goes.


    P.S. I finally got like….2 pictures on my blog…lol

  3. Hi, Daniel. I left you a longer message before, telling you I hope your knee is better, but, for some reason, it vanished.

  4. Hi Daniel,

    Sorry to hear about your knee. Your game is probably over by now, but I sure hope it felt better when you played. I’ll be waiting to hear about the outcome of your game.


  5. P.S. Thanks to Blogging For Dummies, I was able to figure out how to get my blogroll to show up on my site. You are now officially on my blogroll. 🙂

  6. thanks everyone. jen way to go on the pics. helen my knee is better but i have to c a doctor. and carol thanks for coming and yeah i am on ur blogroll. o and we played the worst team and lost. 3-1

  7. Sorry about the loss. I hope your knee gets better soon. Keep us posted.

  8. ok kewl my next game is sat than if we keep winning we have to play everyday for 6 day but my team did it last year we can do it again

  9. Sorry about the knee and the loss, but I know you can still do it!

  10. yeah my knee still hurts but u no the team did it last year. we lost our first game and wehnt all the way to the state. we came i 3rd in california. we were in the top 150 teams in the world. it was pretty.

  11. Wow! You must be good then. Of course you can still win. All year through Bible quizzing we lost, but at finals, we totally turned around, and even scared some of the good teams. lol

  12. yeah we r good. thanks wish me luck

  13. Okay I wish you luck! 😀

  14. Hi Daniel, are you on? LOL I am soooooo bored!!! 😉

  15. Hey it worked!!!!! Let’s try this one…. ;-D

  16. NOOOOOO! Oh well…

  17. thanks for the good luck noi i am not on lol haha on the smiley not working how old r u j/w

  18. Okay take a wild guess…

  19. 30?

  20. hopefully ur not older than that. that nakes u feel younger than u r and i dont want to hurt ur feelings

  21. um Daniel…I told you the pic doesn’t look like me…I am 14

  22. lol You’re funny…

  23. wow but ur first post said that u r 39 lol

  24. ok u changed ur first post. ok so u r 14 ok that is very kewl

  25. seems like we have a lot in common

  26. Jen mem wen i told u that u were my 100th comment. u were my 200th comments. and now that i got 300 comments u were my 300th comments too. how kewl is that

  27. Really?!? I feel special! lol I had no idea!! 😀

  28. Really?!? I feel special! lol I had no idea!! 😀
    And I never said I was 39!! I wanted to laugh when you said I was 30…

  29. Okay sorry, I don’t know what just happened with the 2 posts above…

  30. iz ok and the aim thing is awesome u shid get one and u can talk to all ur friends online at the same time it is pretty kewl

  31. I don’t know if a lot of my friends have that, but I’m online a lot, and I can type fast, so that’s cool enough for me…lol

  32. Oh, and what happened to your blog roll thing? 😉 Just wondering…

  33. so r u getting an AIM. and i dont no what happened. it just dissapeared

  34. Yeah that was weird!! No I can’t get an AIM…plus I’m on a lot, and I can type fast, so it’s good enough for me…lol

  35. o ok kewlio

  36. You can still email me at my regular email though…I check it like every 5 minutes. lol

  37. lol yeah u must be on a lot

  38. Yeah I am on almost all the time.

  39. o ok

  40. u and me r on a lot

  41. can u agree

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