Posted by: Daniel Comstock | June 30, 2006

Junior High School

Yes! Out of elementary school for good where people tell on you for poking them. LOL! I can’t wait. I really want it to come soon. I just hope the 8th graders treat the 7th grades with respect. That is all I want. But I hope the teachers aren’t really uptight like my last teacher. Anyway, this is the school that really doesn’t care if you are having a relationship. Which is good. I hated in elementary school they said “No boyfriend girlfriend stuff. We are all friends.”That I hated. But I am free. The sun will not go down on me. So Junior High, be my new school home where i hold so many memories.



  1. Yeah. the junior high is way better than elementary school but high scool is way better than junior high school.

  2. yeah i hate skewl but the junior high seems like fun

  3. liz i agree my loving sister. jeff u hate skewl y

  4. cuz i hate skewl

  5. shut up stupid

  6. jeff good answer. liz u made me cry. 😦

  7. i do not care

  8. yah i no it was a great answer

  9. jeff u be quiet liz u shud care i am ur brother 😀

  10. ok im srry

  11. ok i will be quiet

  12. thanks u both of u

  13. srry thank*

  14. kk well just for your info the 8th graders or not going to treat with u with respect for sure!!! i WOULD KNOW!! They are really rude sometimes!!!not to be rude but who would go out with u??? i mean u have a nickname “bigbutt” Think reality and fiction!! Srry

  15. idk i wudnt go out w/ anyone right now

  16. Just make sure you don’t get all messed up like some kids…I know you’re smart…Hope you do good in Jr. High!!


  17. i want get messed up. and thank u i hope i do well in jr high too.

  18. Are you saying you won’t, or you want to? I can’t tell, and I hope it’s the first….LOL

  19. i wont. srry for the confusion. typo

  20. hey im new 2 blogging so u might not know me.
    but i noticed ur in the same grade as me ….thats awsome….. 😀

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