Posted by: Daniel Comstock | June 28, 2006

Fire Fighters & The Police

I swear. We have to give some credit to the people that save the most lives. Fire Fighters and Police Men. The greatest people in the whole world are these people. I mean every day I hear sirens from these people to save a life. These people saved me 3 times, my brother twice, and my grandpa about 5 times. To bad he passed away a couple years ago. I still won’t forget the last words I said to him. “Love you grandpa.” He responed with great joy and wisdom “I love you too. Don’t forget to love yourself.” He was a great man I and I sure will miss him. But we still don’t give these people enough credit. On 9/11 they had to save thousands and thousands of  of lives by risking there own. I thank you god and the people that save lives. Heros. We ned more of them.  



  1. Yes, they do deserve credit. I’m thankful for them. You’ve had to be rescued 3 times already? Wow! Your Grandpa seems like he was a nice man. I wish I could have known mine…

  2. I know this is about firefighters and policemen, but I was so touched reading about how your last words to your grandpa were “I love you.” I believe those are probably the 3 most important words you can say to anyone.


  3. o im srry jen. grandpas r a great part of life

  4. and yes i have beenrescued 3 times.

  5. thanks carol. i loved him very much and will miss him so much

  6. yah i dont remember that we were so little.

  7. and they were so helpful w/ gradpa.

  8. grandpa* u mean

  9. yah i do srry

  10. yes we were very little 2-3 years old.

  11. and yes if it wasnt for them he wud of died 2 years before he did

  12. yah i called 911 for grandpa 4 times. it was scary for me.

  13. no that was me.

  14. o srry. yah it must of been

  15. right

  16. yeah it was

  17. how were you saved by them three times?

  18. wen i was younger. my parents said i was saved 3 times.

  19. and y did u delete ur blog

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