Posted by: Daniel Comstock | June 27, 2006


Paintball. This takes a lot of guts. It is really fun, but the paintballs are coming at you at 200 MPH! WOW! That is really fast and they really hurt is you get hit in the back. But it is so fun, so if you don’t play paintball you should try it. It is a thrill.



  1. I think about a year ago, some kids in our neighborhood got in trouble for paint ball….they would play late at night sometimes, and the next morning, people would have paint on their houses and stuff…but I’m sure it’s really cool if you play the right way…I’m probably to chicken. I flinch when somethings flying at me. šŸ˜€

  2. lol. yah in petaluma if u get w/ a paint ball at night u will be charged $200.

  3. but is is so fin wen u do play it the right way.

  4. fun*

  5. and if u r good at it. i got nailed in the head like 100 times. it hurt.

  6. i played paintball before and i am never going to play it again!!

  7. yah it was pretty scary

  8. but a lot of fun

  9. scary. scary. scary

  10. yah i no i got pelted in the head a lot.

  11. haven’t played it. dont want to.

  12. o y. come on. they only fly at u only 200 mph. it isnt that fast. yah it really isnt a girly sport

  13. havn’t tried it ever but i want to..seen it on t.v with people making painful sounds on a hit.. thought they were just week!! now i know they really hurt šŸ˜‰

  14. yeah u shud try it thanks for stopping by

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