Posted by: Daniel Comstock | June 23, 2006

500 Hits!

Just a few seconds ago I got my 500th hit. That is so awesome. on my last blog it took me like 2 months to get to 100. But now I have showed all of you (HAHAHA) that i have redeamed myself. 🙂



  1. Way to go, Daniel 🙂 I wondered what had happened to you. Did you have more baseball games?

  2. yes look at the basball tournament (part 3) and that will tell u

  3. i will not answer that

  4. and thanks

  5. i will have an update on sunday

  6. Congrats, dude!!

  7. thanks. i am lovin it

  8. You go, Daniel! I will be watching for hit number 600 🙂 Hope I see it before you do, my dear friend.

  9. Congratulations Daniel. You got to 500 in no time at all!


  10. lol shirley. no u wont. i will beat u to it like i always do.

  11. and thank u carol

  12. Hi Daniel, Hope you’re doing okay.

  13. yah i am doing fine how bout u.

  14. GO Daniel!! You’re doing good… do you get that thing on your blog that tells you how many hits you got???


  15. u go 2 my dahbored, presentation and the will be an option that say sidebar widgets.

  16. that will help u

  17. i think i dont no.

  18. congarst dude u r on ur way to 1000

  19. thanks bro i hope i get to 100 quickly

  20. yes like jeff said 100 is in site

  21. 1000* u have past 100 by a mile.

  22. thanks i hope it comes soon

  23. i have like, 2500 hits. Not to debunk you or anything…

  24. yah i no ur blog is really good. like really good.

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