Posted by: Daniel Comstock | June 19, 2006

Baseball Tournament (Part 2)

Okay. This last week as been really intense. I have played 4 games and they have been really, really tough. Our first game we won the game 4-1 and i had the game-winning home run! It was so awesome. In the second game I hit really, really badly, but the team came through and won 4-3. Another close game. Our next game we got absolutley killed. We lost 10-2. So now we had to win our next game.

So, our game was really intense. In the first inning my team just came out to play and right off the bat we scored 4 runs, so the score was 4-1. The next 2 innings our defense broke down and now we were down 5-4. In the 5th inning ther was runners on second and first with no outs. I was on first and i was known as the slow runner on the team, but a kid hit a double to the wall and I scored from first base! That was awesome. In the 6th inning we just played horrible. The other team got 2 runs and now the score was 7-6. Everyones head was down. I hate to see people like that and i said, “Come on guys. Our heads shouldn’t be down. We are the number 1 seed in our league. We didnt get to this point without scoring 2 runs in an inning for a reason we can do this.” I was 2nd up to bat and the person before me got a double. When I got up i wanted to hit another game-winning home run so bad but they wouldn’t pitch to me. I was pissed. So I hit a ball to the right side to move the runner up. Now the tieing run was on 3rd. 60 feet away from home. And the next kid came up and didn;t score the run. “2 outs” one of the people yelled out on the other team. OUCH! Then one of our best hitters came up to bat. He hit a fly ball to the outfield and the ball dropped! YES! The score was 7-7. Tied game. Our team was so excited. The next hitter came up to bat and the count was 1-2. 1 ball and 2 strikes. He swong and the ball went to the second basemen. He threw the ball to the backstop and we won! OH MY GOSH WE WON! It was amazing, but we had to see if another team lost. If they did we were in the champoinship. The score was 6-1 and our chances of getting in were starting to shirnk. In the final inning the score was…………….



  1. Aw! You left us hanging at the end. I want to know what the final score was.

    Curious Carol

  2. ill tell u later. i have to play 3 more game it will be about a week im srry though i had to do that

  3. DAN!! How could you leave us hangin like that?! I’ll wait anxiously for your next update. Congrats on your winning homer! Good luck on your remaining 3 games. 😎

  4. thanks and how? i wanted haq. lol i will have an update soon

  5. Hi Daniel. I agree. I want to know the score. 🙂

  6. aww h/o i will tell u

  7. h/o means hold on

  8. How long must we hold? I want to know NOW!

    Love your blog and its design. Looks clean and manly.

    Shirley, your blogging buddy.

  9. i will do a post today h/o i have to do it soon though or u guys will be crazy today lunch time

  10. thanks for the compliments

  11. srry too shirley

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