Posted by: Daniel Comstock | June 14, 2006

6th grade promotion

This was one of the most unbelevable, unforgetable events of my life. It was really warm and I was wearing a Tuxedo and that just didnt help at all. I wrote a speech for the promotion and here it is:

I really don’t remember much of my life before I was five, therefore the life that i can remember has been her at M* ***r School.

Even though it was seven year ago i have great memories of how much fun i had in kindergarten. In kindergarten i had Mrs. P****s as a teacher, but I loved all three kindergarten teachers. All of them taught me and probably everyone else to treat people with respect.

In first grade I had Mrs. W**** as a teacher. She was a really nice teacher. She taught me how to read abd write, but I had a little experience with reading form my mom and dad, so i can’t give her all the credit.

I loved second and third because I had the same teachers: Mrs. G******** and Mrs. A****. They were two of my favorite teachers. Those teachers taught me that it was okay to make a mistake and you could always make it better, and it was a blessing to have those teachers in second and third grade.

In fourth grade i had Mrs. R***** as a teacher. She was also a really nice teacher. She taught me how to spell a lot bet because going into fourth grade i was a really bad speller going inot fourth grade.

In fifth grade I had Mr. M********* as a teacher. He taught me really great studying skills and fifth grade was fun overall.

And finally the magical year of sixth grade. As a lot of you know i had Ms. S******* as a teacher. She taught me how to have better handwriting and my handwriting was horrible coming into sixth grade. Now i have better grade in general.

Seven years down the winding school road has come to this. I will miss all my past teachers. I will miss my one minute walk to school because I live right on the corner. Onto Junior High we go. I will miss it here.

Than after the promotion was a dance party. It was really awesome. I had so much fun at my last year at elementry school. I hope i have the same fun At my Junior High school



  1. Hi Daniel,

    Glad to see you back in the blogging world. Just remember you are responsible for everything you say here. This is a nice post.

  2. thnak u and i no. i cant say the stuff that is in my personal life and everythin like that that is y i dodnt say my teachers name. thanks for the advice

  3. Good job not using any names Dan. I hope to read more from you soon. Mrs. Rodkin no longer controls us like puppets anymore, so we can say whatever the hell we want. Great job Dan!!! Fight the power!!!

  4. Hi Daniel,

    I enjoyed reading your memories of school. May Jr. High be even better for you.



  5. You said such nice things about your teachers, Daniel. You have a very unselfish heart which not a lot of people have, unfortunately.

    Congratulations on your graduation! I have a 14 year old son and a 20 year old son. I’m homeschooling the younger one still. I graduated the older one a couple of years ago. I think my younger son, Todd, and you would get along great.

    What are your plans for this summer?

    Have a great day!

  6. hey tony. i will fight the power but not be a puppet at the same time. carol i will make jr high better for me trust me on that. and tena thanks for the compliment. i really dont have plans. it more relies on how well i do durin baseball all star season i will get back to u after baseball is over.

  7. cool very touching!

  8. umm………… yeah i didn’t read the speech because i already heard it! But i read everthing else!@ But i now for a fact at PJHS there dances are going to be completely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. yah i no that is goin to be sweet.

  10. Dan, the man. Congratulations on this, your new blog. May everyone who reads here, know that we at WordPress consider Daniel a fine and exceptional young man. I am proud to know Daniel as my fellow blogger. šŸ™‚

    Your speech was beautiful. Wish I could have heard you in person and have seen you in your tuxedo.


  11. i wish u were there too. it was pretty kewl. a lot of speeches were spoken and it was hard to beleave that we r all in jr high school now. i cudnt wait for this moment and now it is here

  12. Dan, congratulations: for your promotion from 6th grade, for being chosen to give a wonderul speech, and for your new blog. I’m glad that I stumbled upon it. Your posts make me smile. I hope you enjoy your summer, sleep late and play hard.

  13. i will and thanks for all the congrats i hope u come here more often

  14. I was there it was awesome dude

  15. yah because u were in 6th garde duh. u graduated too.

  16. jr high school u go. i hate jr high people including u lol jk.

  17. yes liz i hate high skewl people too. lol jk šŸ˜€

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