Posted by: Daniel Comstock | July 5, 2009

This is my Last Blog Post… Ever

Hey everyone. I would just like to inform you that my blogging carrer is over. I have so much going on and I do not have time anymore to continue posting. I hope that you can understand and realize that I have more important things going on. I am going to miss everyone that I have been involved with while I was blogging.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | February 9, 2009

It has been so long!

It has been almost a year and a half since I have posted my last blog. Lots have happened since then. I had a girlfriend for like 5 months and it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. She really got me involved in the community. I now am a mentor for elementary kids and I love it. I also have a job working at about 10 dollars an hour for my dads friend. I am making about 100 dollars a week and for a teenager in the city I live in right now that is good money. I am now enrolled at Petaluma High School in my 2nd semester at my new school. The transistion from Middle school to high school was not really hard to me. I already had many friends because I participated on the freshman football team in the fall. That was a great experience for me. We went in our first 4 games 1-3. The night after my fourth game I came home and something wasn’t right. When i got home I found out that my aunt died. I was sad and didnt know what to do at that point. I really had no one to tell this to besides my best friend tyler. She really helped me through most of this problem. After that I was determined to not loose another football game and dedicate the rest of the season to my aunt. My dedication really helped and i lead the team to 3-1 rest of the season. THe one game we lost didnt even count as a loss. We only lost by one point and our stats killed the other team. SO we ended the year 4-4 and it was a very sucessful year. At the end of the semester a had a 3.86 gpa. With 6 a’s and 1 b i was 1 percent away from having a 4.0. I don’t know what else to say now so i am going to end my post here. I will hopefully post more often and stay in touch with all of my great blog friends.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | August 14, 2007

The Time While I Was Gone

Wow. I am finally posting again. I have done so much in the time that i was gone. I was really trying to focus on school and get good grades. I also had a lot baseball too. The main thing that happened during the time while I was gone was going to Arizona and Colorado. I had a blast. In Arizona it was about 95 degrees most of the time because it was the spring. We went for Spring Training Cactus League to watch the San Francisco Giants play. That was a lot of fun. I leave tomorrow for Arizona again to help my sister move in to her dorm for college. Now for Colorado. While i was in Colorado to play baseball I did a whole bunch of things besides baseball. I went tubing down a river, went down a luge, and just plan had fun. The baseball part was so much fun. We played seven games and we won four of them and we go 9th in the country for this national tournament. I had so much fin and I am glad to be back

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | February 25, 2007

My Baseball Tournament

Last weekend I had a baseball tournament. It was down in Sunnyvale and it was about a 3 hour Any ways my first game was on Saturday morning. 8:30 AM!!! So that means I had to be there at 7:30 AM!! That means I left my house at 4:00AM!! But it was warm. It was 75 degrees at game time. That was the first game and I had to get the jitters out. We won that game and we had to play a game right after that. We won that game too. Now our next game wasnt until 7:45 the next night. We won that game too and now we were in the champoinship bracket. After that our game wasnt until 1:00 PM. We won that game as well. Now were in the champoinship game. We were playing a team that we already beat earlier in the tournament but they were tough. We come to play and we beat them 4-2. We got first place. It felt so good to finally play and win again. I also got the MVP of the tournament. It was awesome. This was the teams first tournament we played and we won. It felt good. Let us hope we win another 1.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | February 25, 2007


Hey everyone. Good news. I’M BACK. I missed all of y’all and I hope to post more often from now on.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | January 26, 2007

Hey Everyone

This will be my last post for about a month. I need to take care of my mom, do my school work, and just have fun for me, myself, and I. Just wanted to check up on things and I will be back in 1 month. Feel free to comment. Love you guys. Later

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | January 3, 2007

Happy New Year!

I know it is a little late but happy new year. I hope it will be a good new year. I was in San Francisco and there were two homocides. Scary. But oh well hope its going to be a good new year.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

It’s finally here. Christmas is here. Where did December go? I can’t believe it’s Christmas. I just want to wish everyone a very merry Chritsmas.  Be safe. And have a great new year.

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | December 17, 2006

Finals Week

This next week during school we have finals. I have 2 finals out of 7 classes but i still have a lot of work to do. Wish me luck and hopefully get my grade up in English. I have an 88.9. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Posted by: Daniel Comstock | November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s finally here. The one day that you can be thankful for everything everyone or you did for yourself. I am really happy this day came. My mom is the best cook on earth and does everything absolutley perfect.  Anyways have fun eating and be thankful, watch the parade, watch football, (woo hoo) and have fun with your families.  

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